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For the Love of Food 

BBQ is in the Name, Food is our Whole Game.

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Secret Family Recipes

It’s a Secret. All we can say is you’ll be glad we’re using them! 

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Quality Proteins

We put a lot of time, effort, and energy into our products and our smoker rarely takes a day off. Using a combination of oak and hickory, we slow-smoke at 225° to guarantee food remains tender and flavorful.

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Fresh & Perfectly Blended

Our unique flavors are a combination of fresh herbs and seasonings, along with an ingredient list that has been passed down from generation to generation.

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O.M.G. Desserts

Words cannot describe our love for peanut butter and chocolate, and cheesecake and banana pudding. So understandably, we had to create these versions of pies… By far some of our greatest accomplishments. 

BBQ’d & Served to You

Come by Our Truck, Call in an Order, Have Your Event Catered, Order Catering for Yourself (we’ll understand!) We are Here to Make your Mouth & Belly Happy.

Pit Masters


Our Team

A Collaborative Partnership was Created Out of

a Vision, a Friendship, and a Love for Cooking and Food.

Tim Bartnick

Tim Bartnick


Tim Bartnick is a born and raised Floridian, who has resided in St. Lucie County for over thirty years. He is the Co-founder of Big Worm’s BBQ and handles duties ranging from cooking and food preparation to accounting and ordering. What Tim finds most satisfying is his ability to make people happy. The feeling he gets from seeing others enjoy something he has prepared is extremely fulfilling.

Working in the restaurant industry for over fifteen years, he gained firsthand knowledge of restaurant operations. Based on his experience, he determined there were certain things that were essential in operating a successful restaurant. Things like using a small menu to ensure quality over quantity, using unique flavors and providing specialty items that are exclusive to Big Worm’s, and making their product extremely accessible to the community. Tim is excited about the opportunity to bring joy to others through food, and bring people in the community together.

Our Story

Big Worm’s BBQ is the brainchild of Corey LaFlesh, a.k.a. Big Worm. His dream was to open a barbecue restaurant and bring his food to the masses. Upon hearing this dream, and having first-hand knowledge of Worm’s culinary acumen, his friend was Tim Bartnick decided it was necessary to make it a reality. Thus, a collaborative partnership was created, and out of love for both food and flavor, Big Worm’s BBQ was born.

The main emphasis of Big Worm’s is quality over quantity. The menu is modest in size to ensure that more time, effort and, energy is carefully put into each item. Consequently, the smoker rarely takes a day off. Using a combination of oak and hickory, proteins are slow smoked at 225 to guarantee food remains tender and flavorful.

What makes Big Worm’s BBQ unique are the flavors. Using a secret family recipe, passed down from one generation to another, Worm’s signature sauce has a flavor that is completely original. Also, the sides and desserts are far from ordinary. From sweet bacon coleslaw to banana pudding cheesecake, these are items you won’t find anywhere else.

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